Covid-19 Info

Under the Covid-19 Protection Framework, the clinic will be open at red, orange and green levels with a few changes to ensure we are doing all we reasonably can to minimise the risk of transmission within the clinic.

These changes include:
- Screening of every individual prior to their entry to the clinic.
- Keeping contact tracing records.
- Increased ventilation of indoor spaces and air purifiers in each room.
- Cleaning of contact surfaces between each client.
- Use of PPE by the practitioner  - we will be wearing masks during all treatments and when appropriate this will be increased to include gloves, n95 masks, and eye protection.

Here is what we ask of our clients:

1 - Please read your booking information and reminder emails, as these will contain the most up to date procedures and requirements. Complete the Covid screening form online prior to your appointment.
2 - When you arrive at the clinic, please be there on time and wait in your car until we call asking you to come in.
3 - Before entering the clinic you are required to scan in using the QR code, wash or sanitise your hands and put on a mask (unless you have an exemption).
4 - Wherever possible, please do not bring anyone else along to your appointment. We understand that in some circumstances a support person is necessary, for example if the appointment is for a child or somebody who requires assistance or help with communication - and we want you to feel comfortable to do this. Support people are required to complete an online Covid screening form as well, in case of this, an extra form will be included with your booking confirmation email.
5- Please use the bathroom before coming to your appointment, as  clinic bathrooms will be closed.
6 - We are using waterproof table and pillow covers for cleaning purposes, if you would like to lie on a blanket or towel, please bring one from home.
7 - If you are bringing children to an appointment, bring along some books and toys from home. Our clinic ones are put away for now.

And, most importantly, please DO NOT enter the clinic if you are unwell, and please do not bring in any children who are unwell. The usual cancellation charges will not apply if you need to reschedule due to illness, however we ask you to give us as much notice as possible so we can make appointments available to those who need them.

A note on masks and vaccination certificates.

It is a priority for us to minimise the risk of transmission given the close contact nature of our work. In addition to this, we are required to comply with certain regulations in order to be able to operate our business. We are happy to discuss any concerns and accommodate your needs as much as we are reasonably able to within our required framework.

- Osteopaths are required to wear PPE, and patients are required to wear a mask unless they have an exemption.

- Health services that are partly or wholly funded by certain government entities (such as ACC), are subject to the rules that apply to “designated premises” under the Covid Health Response Order 2021. As we are a health service operating a designated premise, we must not request people to provide a COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate or other evidence of being vaccinated to access our health service.

Our values

We understand that issues raised in response to Covid-19 have the potential to be contentious and divisive. There are differing viewpoints and highly emotive issues facing our community at the moment, as well as unprecedented levels of stress and fear which impact the way humans respond and react. Health and well-being are of utmost importance to us as osteopaths, and we recognise how fluctuations in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual domains can affect overall health. We will continue to strive to create an environment where everyone feels safe and comfortable.  Our core values include respect, connection and authentic well-being -  we will continue to uphold these values throughout the challenging times we find ourselves in.

Open for everyone under all levels of the Covid-19 Protection Framework
For more information about Covid safety procedures and requirements,
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