Osteopathy for Adults

The reasons adults come to us for osteopathic care are many and varied, no two treatments are the same. We assess all the factors that have contributed to your discomfort, so we can personalise each treatment to your individual body and circumstances.

We treat a wide range of injuries to different parts of the body. Sports injuries, bumps and falls, strains and sprains can all respond well to osteopathy, as we help to engage your body’s natural healing mechanisms to speed recovery. We are able to provide treatment for post concussion symptoms, whiplash and many other types of traumatic injury. Occupational overuse (repetitive strain) injuries also respond well to osteopathic treatment.

One of our primary areas of focus is the spine - it is so important, not only for providing structural support, but for protecting the spinal cord and spinal nerves that supply the rest of the body. At times, areas of dysfunction in the spine can mean that the nerves around that area are compromised, causing symptoms in the area of the body that those particular nerves supply. An example of this is sciatica, where dysfunction in the lower part of the spine irritates the nerves that run down the back of the leg - causing pain and tingling in the leg. The same principle applies to the nerves that supply the abdominal organs - for example, if the nerves that supply the stomach are irritated by dysfunction in the part of the spine from which they emerge, this may contribute to stomach symptoms such as indigestion or reflux. We help to restore optimal movement to the spine, which in turn helps the function of the nerves that feed the rest of your body.

Osteopaths are trained to assess posture. The way you stand, hold your pelvis, spine, shoulders, neck and head can all contribute to aches and pains, headaches and movement difficulties throughout the body. We can help you re-train your posture, stretching and strengthening the appropriate muscles to hold yourself with ease.

Headaches and chronic pain are also conditions we commonly treat. Our osteopaths stay up to date with the latest pain research, and we understand the complexities of the body’s pain system.

As well as our work with the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, at Restore Osteopathy we pay special attention to the function of the body’s organs. Using a modality known as Visceral Osteopathy, we have gentle techniques to help your organs function at their best.

Because our approach applies the principles of osteopathy, rather than following a prescription, we can adapt it to almost any condition or individual. Safety is a top priority and we will always refer you to a doctor or medical specialist when necessary, or upon request.

Our osteopaths aim to empower you around your health and well-being. We respect that your body is always doing it’s best to return to health, and work with you to self-manage as soon as your body is ready to. We remain available for ‘tune-ups’ or maintenance treatments as necessary. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how osteopathy may be able to help you.

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