Osteopathy for Babies

At Restore Osteopathy, we offer specialist care for babies. Having a particular interest in working with young families, we have gained a lot of experience working primarily with babies and pregnant mothers over the years. We have a strong network of midwives, lactation consultants, baby nurses, naturopaths and doctors who we work with to ensure the best outcomes for babies.

Our osteopaths are passionate about helping babies to be more comfortable and settled, feeding well and free of any strains that may have occurred during birth or their time in utero. Sorting these factors out during infancy sets up the best conditions for lifelong health and well-being. 

Some of the common reasons parents bring their baby to us for osteopathic treatment include:

  • ​Being unsettled - excessive periods of crying and discomfort
  • Breastfeeding, latching or bottle feeding difficulties
  • Support with feeding babies born with tongue-tie
  • A difficult or traumatic birth, very long or short delivery times, use of forceps, ventouse or caesarean section during delivery
  • Digestive discomfort - colic, reflux or constipation
  • Sleeping problems
  • A flat spot on the head, or mis-shapen skull
  • A tight neck, favouring turning in one direction
  • Ear infections

Our osteopaths are caring, gentle and experienced. We have extensive post-graduate training in paediatrics and child development, so you can be sure your baby is in safe and competent hands.

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