Central Auckland - Mt Eden 

Restore Osteopathy's Central Auckland - Mt Eden clinic is located within Motherwell Holistic Health Centre

At Motherwell, a multi-disciplinary team of natural health practitioners, doctors and nurses work together to provide holistic healthcare. There is frequently collaboration between osteopaths, doctors, naturopaths and other practitioners to ensure optimal outcomes for our patients.

Offstreet parking is available and a small range of products are for sale - including Shakti mats, massage balls, massage cream, and cold packs.

Your osteopaths Kim Collard and Ruth Atkinson both practice from the Mt Eden Clinic.

Treatments and Pricing

Standard treatment


Initial consultation (45 minutes): $110

Follow Ups (30 minutes) $95

Children 12 and under

Initial consultation (45 minutes): $100

Follow ups (30 minutes): $85

Mother and Baby treatment

Initial consultation (75 minutes): $155

Follow ups (60 minutes): $135

Free Baby Check (10 min)

No charge. These give you an opportunity to meet the osteopath and find out if treatment may be beneficial for your baby.  

ACC treatment

For more information about ACC treatments click here.

Adults And Children

Initial consultation (45 minutes): ACC surcharge $65

Follow ups (30 minutes): ACC surcharge $65

Cancellation Policy

We kindly ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice to change or cancel an appointment. This enables us to offer the appointment slot to someone else who may be in pain or require an urgent treatment. Please be aware that it is our policy to charge for cancellations given with less than 24 hours notice.

Open for everyone under all levels of the Covid-19 Protection Framework
For more information about Covid safety procedures and requirements,
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