Osteopathy for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when the mother undergoes rapid changes affecting many systems. As well as the obvious postural changes, her metabolism, digestion, circulation and hormonal systems change and work hard to support the growing baby. Mentally and emotionally there can be highs and lows as she adjusts to the changes that pregnancy and a new baby will bring.

Osteopathic treatment can help the pregnant body to adapt to the changes in posture that contribute back and hip pain. Treatment works to gently mobilise any areas that are unable to move well, helping the mother’s spine, pelvis and rib cage to accommodate the baby.
Digestive complaints such as constipation and reflux are common, and we are able to use gentle visceral techniques to ease these symptoms. During pregnancy, some expectant mothers can experience pelvic or pubic pain. We can help to balance the ligaments of the spine and pelvis, so that the joints work together to support the growing abdomen. Maintaining healthy movement in these joints can also help to keep the mobile in preparation for labour. Lymphatic drainage techniques can alleviate swelling in the hands and feet.

Maintaining a comfortable pregnancy and preparing the body for a straightforward labour and delivery are a primary area of focus at Restore Osteopathy.

Following the birth of the baby, the new mother's body must again adapt rapidly to a sudden change in posture. Due to residual pregnancy hormones, the joints and ligaments remain relaxed and can be more susceptible to strains and sprains. Osteopathic treatment can help the body readjust to it’s non-pregnant state by supporting the natural process of postural and visceral (abdominal organ) realignment. 

New mothers often experience neck and shoulder pain from many hours spent feeding baby, and we have gentle musculoskeletal techniques and advice to help with this. We can also advise around abdominal and pelvic floor strengthening postpartum, and have a large referral network, working together to achieve the best outcomes for new mothers and their babies.

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