Osteopathy For Children

Children’s bodies are remarkable! The rate at which they grow and develop during the early years gives an insight to the amazing capacities of the human body. Children are not just little adults, the structure and functions of their body mature at varying rates, and so they need special consideration during treatment. Our osteopaths have an extensive understanding of how human anatomy and physiology change as children grow from infants into young adults, and we adjust our approach accordingly.  We understand how social and emotional factors can contribute to physical problems, and build these factors into our treatment plans. While children are amazingly resilient, sometimes unresolved strains and sprains can contribute to discomfort later in life - and these often resolve very quickly with a small amount of gentle osteopathic treatment. At Restore Osteopathy we love to work with young people of all ages, from babies and small children through to adolescents.

​Some of the common reasons parents bring their children to us for osteopathic treatment include:

  • ​Delays in meeting developmental milestones
  • An unusual walking pattern (gait)
  • Ear infections
  • Postural issues
  • Injuries from accidents or sports
  • Headaches
  • Tummy aches or constipation
  • Asthma, mouth breathing and sinus issues
  • Sleeping difficulties

Our osteopaths are caring, gentle and experienced. We have extensive post-graduate training in paediatrics and child development, so you can be sure your child is in safe and competent hands.

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