Hands On Treatment

Osteopathy is a hands-on form of manual therapy. Osteopaths use their highly trained sense of touch to diagnose and treat many different conditions. Often, when people think of osteopathy, they think of bones. It’s a misleading name, because our work with the musculoskeletal system is only a fraction of what we do. We provide a holistic approach by not only working with muscles and bones, but also the nervous system, the body’s circulation and drainage, and functions including breathing and digestion. 

Osteopaths put their extensive medical training to use, to work out how the various body systems are functioning together and how these different systems may be contributing to your discomfort. Mental and emotional health have an impact on the body, and we take this into account when we are developing an understanding of your problem. Osteopaths recognise the individual as a ‘whole person’ and that is what we aim to treat, rather than looking at an area of dysfunction in isolation from the rest of the individual. We also recognise that individual bodies respond in their own way to treatment, so we don’t follow a prescriptive method when determining your treatment plan .

At Restore Osteopathy we find out what works best for your body, and tailor your individualised treatment around that,  ranging from very gentle and subtle techniques when working with babies and children, to a stronger more structural approach for sports people, to a more visceral approach for those suffering from digestive or respiratory complaints. Injury prevention and health maintenance are a big part of our work, and we can offer you advice in these areas.

The main aims of osteopathy are to relieve pain and tension, restore normal movement,  and enhance well-being. Osteopaths have a great respect for the body’s inherent ability to heal. We work with your body’s natural capacity for health by treating the sources of your problem, rather than seeking just to relieve symptoms.

“​The health is always present. To find health should be the object of the doctor, anyone can find disease.”

Andrew Taylor Still, Founder of Osteopathic Medicine

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